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Chancie Dog The Best Golden in the World


Chance is a golden retriever.  He is a wonderful family dog who is very "kid-friendly" and "people friendly."  He loves his human and furry family as much as we love him.
Chance  was born April 11, 1999 in Voorheesville, NY.  Chance's breeder had to revive him at birth, as he was not breathing. 
Chance's AKC registered name is Gosling's Second Chance. 
Chance was born to a litter of 9 pups.  He was the runt of the litter.  His breeder nicknamed him "PeeWee." 
We brought him home Memorial Day weekend in 1999.  It was love at first sight!

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Chance shares our home with 2 adults, 3 children and our 3 cats.  He gets along great with Tyger and Maxie.  However, Rosie (tortie) is not fond of him.  Chance is afraid of Rosie, as she swiped his nose and it hurt. 
Chance loves the kids.  Erica and Jenn have taught him some unusual tricks. Erica and Chance won a "First Place" ribbon in a dog show for his "special" trick that Erica taught him.  Chance sleeps in Dan's room at night.  Chance enjoys playing "keep away" with Dan.

Chance rompin' at Monument Mountain

Chance's Favorites:
peanut butter
cream cheese
hiking in the woods
swimming in mudholes, ponds, lakes, streams, oceans, etc.
doing tricks for treats
car rides
playing with friendly dogs
getting petted by one and all


Funny Fact: 
Although Chance is a retriever, he's not very good at it LOL!  He does, however, LOOOVE to retrieve sticks in water.

Goldens are great family members